antelope canyon

Upper and Lower Antelope are beautiful and sacred slot canyons located in the desert southwest. Made of Navajo
sandstone, brilliant colors like these are created when the sun reflects off the canyon walls. 

They were, (and continually are) formed by violent flash floods that carve the canyon walls into amazing shapes and curves.

Lower Antelope is underground and is up to 100' deep and 1/2 mile long. Upper Antelope is much shorter and is above ground. They're located fairly close to each other in northern Arizona on Navajo land and require a Navajo guide to walk through them. 


aurora borealis

The amazing Aurora Borealis in
Abisko National Park in Swedish Lapland. It's located on Lake Tornetrask in the arctic circle. 

While we traveled on our own, you can check out the highly rated Lights Over Lapland if interested in a guided photo tour.

Here are just a few of my images from that incredible trip. 



I've long been a lover of trees. They've been wonderful friends throughout my life; always standing strong, always giving shade, fruit, color, fragrance, protection, and a home to many birds and critters. They inspire me and are a great source of strength, peace, and joy.

A few of these photos are of the largest trees on earth, which are also the largest living things on earth -- the Redwoods in northern California and the Giant Sequoias southeast of San Francisco. It's humbling to stand among world treasures that are 2,000-3,000 years old and mammoth in size.