marty nevils davis 

I'm a photographer who lives in Indianapolis with my husband and bunnies, and we have a wonderful son and daughter-in-law, Zane and Julie, living in England, with an adorable granddaughter on the way.

My heart resides in nature. Give me a canyon in the desert southwest, a forest, a mountain, a milkweed field ... a long, long hike ... things in bloom, furry things, things under rocks, things that go though metamorphosis ... nature. It all calls my name.

I've taken photos for as long as I can remember and have raised thousands of butterflies over the past 27 years, mostly Monarchs. I excitedly welcome them back into my life every spring and am incredibly sad when my last one departs in the fall as it migrates to Mexico for the winter. They have taught me so much and I never, ever, get tired of being a privileged witness to their metamorphosis.

I'm pictured here at Mooney Falls, one of three beautiful waterfalls located on the Havasupai Indian reservation in the Grand Canyon. Mooney Falls is 200 feet tall and is located one mile from the famous Havasu Falls. The unique color of its water, a captivating blue-green, is the result of high levels of travertine, a type of limestone.

The photo above is of Lower Antelope Canyon, a slot canyon in the Southwest. Made of Navajo Sandstone, this beautiful slot canyon was (and is) formed by flash floods, which create smooth surfaces and beautiful shapes. When the sun reflects off its walls the canyon creates amazing colors like you see here. I find it to be a very spiritual place and I feel honored every time I have the opportunity to visit. Lower Antelope is about a half mile long and at places is 100' deep. You must descend a ladder to enter into the canyon, and touring it requires a Navajo guide. It has long been one of my very favorite places.

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Snoopy inscribed on a granite bench at the gravesite of Peanuts cartoonist Charles M. Schulz, located in Pleasant Hills Memorial Park in Sebastopol, CA, not far from his Santa Rosa home and location of the Peanuts hockey rink and museum.

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